Data allows scientists to determine the optimal weight to improve muscle growth.

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Use neuroscience to hack your long-term memory and improve your coding skills, or any skill at all.

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Don’t dwell on questions that already have answers. Here are three things I wish I knew before starting my career transition to Data Science.

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Updated October 2021

What we are looking for

Office Hours

Key things I have learned during the infamous job seeking stage

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Master the core component of every data science tool in Python

A woman in a yellow sweater seated at a laptop.
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The quest to find the best data scientists by solving social-oriented problems

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Expand your horizons when job hunting for Data Science roles

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How to adapt your codes by using methods optimised for speed in Python

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An entertaining analogy to a complex topic

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Renato Boemer

Data Scientist who graduated in Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. Founder of In Vivo. Training to become an ultrarunner and live past 100 years.

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